Version change history

ScopeDome dome arduino driver version history

5.5.23 (2021.08.24)

  • corrected bug in Arduino_Test_App password settings 
  • added AAG Solo driver

5.5.22 (2021.06.16)

  • added Watchdog for Shutter Link lost - driver now can exequte special script in this situation
  • added ASCOM Observing Conditions interface
  • added ASCOM Safety Monitor interface
  • corrected bug in thermometers settings save
  • corrected bug in telescope Alt/Az to Ra/Dec calculation

5.5.20 (2021.04.10)

  • better support for number formats for different Windows language versions
  • corrected bug in Shutter Emergency Close on Low UPS Battery
  • corrected lot of small bugs
  • new card firmware ver. 5.7 release
  • driver save and restore graphs values
  • driver is ready for card LCD display (2021-03-11)

  • better and much more help files
  • corrected bug in Thermostates for RollOff mode (there was wrong Histeresis parameter send to the card)
  • corrected bug in Shutter Emergency Close on Low Battery
  • better Heating system interface
  • new buttons commands for enable and disable all thermostats
  • new Tab in Cofig window for display, select and configure active thermometers/sensors
  • driver remember selected graph configuration
  • new short one line log for ScopeDome Cloud Sensor (2020-10-21)

  • new firmware relase ver. 5.4
  • added delay for Clamshell Shutter in firmware
  • beter findeHome procedure
  • added CloudSensor statistic for clear sky
  • corrected Rain Sensor bug for Clamshell and RollOff Roof
  • added config parameters change log
  • added shutter link value to the log
  • small changes in interface design
  • added ASCOM telescope choser for better compatibility with ASCOM 6.5 (2020-09-08)

  • new firmware relase ver. 5.3
  • added control for card PWM outputs
  • better logs on driwer window
  • added scripts support (batch commands, vbs scripts and driver scripts)
  • lot of new commands for controll telescope (2020-03-20)

  • corrected bug in Shutter Emergency Close procedures (repeted close command when shutter was close)
  • add ASCOM POTH telescope type
  • add ASCOM HUB telescope type (2020-03-10)

  • corrected Shutter Stop bug
  • new weather station (Weather Underground API, Boltwood Single Line log, Boltwood via date log)
  • add WindGust and Solar Radiation to weather info