ScopeDome 12V PWM Motor Control Module

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Basic information about the card

The controller is designed to control speed of 12V DC motor with power up to 150W. The input system has been designed for both roll off roof and dome-based observatories. Built-in CW/CCW and Open/Close buttons allow manual control of the motors. The controller is also suitable for direct cooperation with ScopeDome USB cards. This allows you to control the motor by PC - eg. through ASCOM drivers.

Main features

  • Setting the engine speed
  • Control the direction of rotation (CW/CCW)
  • Adjustable soft start
  • Adjustable soft stop
  • Built-in adjustable thermostat to control the temperature inside the driver's box
  • Full protection of power transistors from overheating, short circuits and exceeding the maximum motor current
  • Integrated inputs of limit switches stopping the engine
  • Waterproof box

Additional info: