Rotary and shutter drive for a dome

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Rotation and shutter drives each of the drive consists of the following components:

  • motor
  • motoreducer
  • cog wheel
  • cog rim
  • inverter

Depending on the dome size we use different types of components, which vary in power, size, or the supply voltage.

For each of the drives you can add the appropriate encoder module and the heating system allows the dome to work in low temperatures below zero degrees.

Additionally, you can order a waterproof boxes with control buttons and integrated wiring (SemiPlugAndPlay) to facilitate the connection of motor control in the dome. We recommend this option for people who have no experience in electronics and electrical engineering.

2M and 3M domes have a built-in rotary slip-ring drive allows you to power the shutter in any position. 4M and 55M domes are equipped with special power contacts, which allow you to open the shutter in the Home position.

The design of the rotary drive is very versatile to allow you to mount it well in the domes of other manufacturers.