ScopeDome Arduino Driver ver. 5.5.5.x

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ScopeDome Arduino Driver ver. 5.5.x

ScopeDome Arduino Driver is a dome driver’s software compatible with ASCOM platform 6.4 and dedicated for ScopeDome Arduino cards, cooperatating with most popular models of telescopes and sky atlases like StellariumCDCTheSkyX. It allows to run a fully automated observational sessions. In addition, the driver can control power for devices such as a observatory telescope, CCD camera, lighting and ventilation.

With the driver it is possible to automate domes or roll-off roof observatories of other producers e.g.: SiriusBaaderHomeDome.

Basic features:

  • closing and opening the dome shutters
  • emergency shutdown of the shutters in the case of power failure in the grid
  • emergency shutdown of the shutters in the case of battery power failure
  • emergency shutdown of the shutters in the case of bad weather conditions
  • turning a dome in any direction
  • GoTo function to any selected azimuth position
  • setting tracking accuracy of the telescope
  • choosing the time at which the position of the telescope will be updated
  • synchronization of the dome’s movement with the telescope
  • stopping the dome’s rotation at any time
  • dome motors soft-start and soft-stop function
  • semi–automatic synchronization of the dome with the movement of the sky for visual observations
  • setting the dome in Home position
  • setting the dome in any specified Park position
  • measurment and display azimuthal position of the dome
  • telescope position display
  • OnTop – maintaining the program window over the windows of other applications
  • three sizes of the interface
  • graphic information about the state of the dome
  • defining names of the controlled devices
  • switching on and off any device
  • switching on and off of observatory power with a single button
  • Home and shutter position sensors
  • remote control of the dome via internet
  • 100% compatibility with ASCOM platform
  • works as ASCOM Local Server

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 10
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • ASCOM Platform 6.4

Installing Software

  • From Download page install latest driver version, and follow the information on the screen.

Additional information