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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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ScopeDome RollOffRoof USB Driver is designed to control the equipment of an astronomical observatory equipped with sliding roof. It can guide telescope motion, shutter motion and roof motion as well as check their current through sensors connected.
In addition the software allows to control up to 4 optional devices connected to ScopeDomeUSB Card. The program is prepared to work with ASCOM Platform. It registers as ScopeDomeRollOffRoof.
The software’s functions are designed to operate following equipment:
  • roof engine (Roof On/Off, Roof Open/Close)
  • shutter engine moving up a scope over roof ridge (Shutter On/Off, Shutter Open/Close)
  • a telescope by ASCOM driver and its mount power supply (Telescope On/Off)
  • a CCD camera by MaxlmDL and camera power supply (Camera On/Off)
  • power supply for 2 optional devices such as light and ventilation ( Light, Fan)
  • in case an observatory is not equipped with a shutter, two more optional devices can be added
  • the software allows also to control a webcam connected to an observatory managing PC

Software’s basic function is roof motion control. Thanks to connected sensors the program prevents roof to open or close in case it may cause telescope damage.

The program receives basic information about a telescope position from AtPark sensor. The sensor shall be installed and configured as active only while a scope is in safe position during roof movements. There is no obstacle to connect optional sensors for safe roof operations. The program consists in AtPark command available in ASCOM. Roof opening time period is also controlled by the program. In case it is exceeding the limit (set during program configuration) the roof engines are stopped and an error warning appears. The scope, roof and shutter status is represented by a scheme image below Roof Position menu panel.
The software can manage shutter sensors independently from AtPark sensor to prevent any roof action while the shutter is closed. On the other hand a shutter can be operated only in case a roof is closed or opened.

Monitor Observatory is an optional module.

Monitor module allows saving observatory data to a PC local disc or to any FTP server basic observatory data. Monitoring includes as follows:

  • roof status (open, closed etc) (status file)
  • roof position ( horizontal and equatorial coordinates) (in status file)
  • observed object name and equatorial coordinates (when using TheSky6 to manage a scope) (status file)
  • recent CCD camera image (in case MaxlmDL is used)
  • observatory preview by a webcam connected to a PC controlling the observatory
  • operating PC screen preview
All information above can be used in an online observatory monitoring website.
The program is distributed upon GNU license agreement allowing free use, copy and change of source code. A complementary instruction and source code is delivered with the program. At Download website you can find links to installation files and documentation.
System requirements:
- Microsoft WindowsXP Service Pack 2
- Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
- ASCOM 5.0
Program Installation
  • Install .Net Framework 3.5 from Microsoft website
  • install ASCOM Platform 5 from
  • install a driver suitable for your telescope from www.
  • Choose folder ScopeDome RollOffRoof Driver in menu Start, then a bookmark Install and run CDM 2.04.06 program which will install a virtual COM port, indispensable for ScopeDome USB card.

A ScopeDomeUSB RollOffDoof Driver shortcut will be created automatically in Menu Start.

The program installs in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ascom\Dome\ScopeDome RollOffRoof\
Important: ASCOM platform 5.0a version requirement - the thousand separator sign shall (coma) be changed to dot sign in Control Panel Language and Regional Option menu. This bug may be corrected in a new ASCOM version.

You can see the software and card in action on web page: Observatory OnLine
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