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Astronomical domes and observatory automations sytems
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ScopeDome 3M ver. 3.0 - the astronomical dome for testing
Before buying the dome we recommend to test it via the internet.

The test dome is constantly avaliable on line. You can control it using the popular and free remote console - TeamViewer.

Due to security reason please contact with us before the session using SkyPe Chat
(SkyPe ID: Jacek Pala - Poland - Slupsk)

Basic equipment of the testing observatory:
  • dome: ScopeDome 3M v 3.0
  • mount: Astro Phisics - AP 600
  • telescope: Telescope Service APO 65/420
  • CCD camera: ATIK 314E
  • focuser: compatible with RoboFocus
  • cloud sensor: AAG Cloud Watcher
  • weather station: Heavy Weather
  • cameras to see the dome:
    - inside: CCTV (channel 4)
    - outside: CCTV (channel 2)
    (CCTV server link: CCTV Server)
    - WebCam Logitech - installed on the telescope
  • software:
    - Windows XP (32 bit):
    - ASCOM platform
    - ACP
    - CCD Autopilot 5
    - RoboFocus
    - ScopeDome Dome Driver
    - TheSky6
    - MaximDL 5.0
    - TeamViewer
    - VNC Console
CCTV Camera from the dome
please wait about 10 seconds to see a refreshed picture
Last Command
Dome Az
Telescope Alt

Select CCTV camera:

Dome rotate:

Turn On/Off light into the dome:

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