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It is very difficult to find an amateur astronomer who does not dream about an observatory of his or hers own. When it comes to the point of its construction, the key question seems to be the choice of an appropriate roofing which can both shelter an observation space from weather conditions and provide enough comfort for the persons inside.

Considering those demands, ScopeDome company is proud to present the result of almost one year study - a fully automated amateur astronomical dome. From the very beginning more than a dozen professional companies have been involved in the project, participating in concept studies, operation management, mechanical and electronic components design - as well as in control software creation process - a critical part of the dome's automatization.

Production process optimization and careful selection of applied materials results with an attractive price to quality ratio and puts the dome within the budget range of amateur astronomers.

Our astronomical dome, providing the same advanced solutions applied in the earth's biggest observatories, can secure any telescope installed as well as astrophotography and measuring equipment and - on the other hand - may become a source for its owner pride of having a fully professional technology, ensuring failure-free operation for many years.

We are delighted to put the astronomical dome into your hands, with a hope of satisfying the needs of any medium-sized observatory. An original form of architecture can be its admirable showcase as well.

ScopeDome Team

If you need help in planning, equipment or the construction of the observatory please contact with ScopeDome GMBH

Latest News  
2016-02-18 New LocalServer ScopeDome Driver version
2015-11-15 Please refer to the new price list for our products.
2015-04-28 New ScopeDome dome model 2M
2015-03-15 New LocalServer ScopeDome Driver version
2014-07-21 New LocalServer ScopeDome Driver version
2014-05-05 New LocalServer ScopeDome Driver version
2014-01-01 Over 250 observatories on the world equipped with ScopeDome domes
2013-12-31 2014 astronomical calendar
2013-11-01 ScopeDome 3M v 3.0 - the new version of the dome
2013-04-15 - the new version of ScopeDome Driver
2011-12-18 We would like to announce the instant competition in which the prize is the astronomical wall calendar for 2012.
2011-12-15 New ScopeDome USB Dome Driver version is available. Driver works with ASCOM 6.0 and TheSkyX Pro. We recommed to uninstall the old one and upgerade to the latest version.

2015 premiere
We would like to announce
a new model of our dome:
ScopeDome 2M

ScopeDome 3M v3
ScopeDome 3M V3

Before buying the dome automation system we recommend to test it via the internet.
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